Until that day, I didn’t know that there was an art to apologies. It’s a phrase that spoken about in movies, television shows and songs, but never in real life.

Looking back now, I can’t even remember what I was sorry for, but it was important to me. I was passionate, most of our arguments were passionate.

I provided the passion loudly and in tears, while you provided the passion in an attentive silence.

You once said that onlookers would always ask you, ‘what did you do to…’ and that no one ever thought that I was capable of doing the harm to you. I was naive to think I didn’t cause you harm.

While were were out of town, in a room, in separate beds, I apologized. I didn’t want us to go bed angry. Passionate.

And in your sleepy stupor, you turned to me with eyes closed and said, ‘don’t apologize until the trip is over.’

As if insinuating, that not only would THIS not be our last fight on THIS trip and that there would be many of fights on future trips…

All I can say is, ‘how did you know?’ Naive

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