Jakia Fuller is an emerging multi-disciplinary visual artist, whose work is intention-centered, by exploring introspection and creating spaces and moments for reflection and contemplation. Born and raised in Detroit, MI, and NM. Currently based in Albuquerque, NM. Founder and Creative Director of Remnant Design Co (coming soon), a conscious lifestyle brand, adventure for every day!

Viewing her process as a coloring book; creating the outlines and boundaries, with the intent colors space. Regardless of the medium, Jakia focuses on creating spaces and moments for others to reflect, sit with themselves and develop an intrapersonal relationship.

She believes that it’s not for her to tell others what the piece means. The title, the work, and the viewer’s experience are what matters. Trust your gut! Go with your instinct! We’re not all meant to experience everything the same way, and that’s okay.

Jakia shares her reflections and perspective in hopes to spark your own.



Dysonna Fashion Show
Impressions of Love | 13 Look Collection

SYLA Studio | Peasy Exhibition, Black Womxn’s Tears


Black Girl Magik | Reclaiming Pleasure Vol ii, It Begins From Within