Hi! I’m Jakia, a multi-disciplinary artist who’s living a life full of adventure, creating art and spaces that bring a smile to people’s faces. Born and raised in Detroit, MI, and Rio Rancho, NM, and am currently based in Albuquerque, NM. 

Through continuous exploration and not limiting myself to a medium or style, I create work that is accessible to people, work that they can engage with, reflect on, be surrounded by, and lastly, bring a smirk or smile to their faces.

I’m excited about (drum roll);

  • Implementing and maintaining circularity into my process and practice
  • creating art for children that they can enjoy and be surrounded by in their homes, schools, and public spaces
  • creating work that informs and brings awareness about the oceans and marine life conservation and preservation
  • developing STEAM curriculum activities and events for youth in my local community 
  • collaborating with individuals to create authentic wardrobes from what they currently have
  • Continuing cultivating, developing, and maintaining the following communities


Kaizoku Uncharted Podcast – Co-Host

Facing the FearBeast, 2022 – Project Assistant



Explora Maker in Residence: May 13, 14, 27, 28



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