“An artist duty, as well as I’m concerned is to reflect the times…I choose to reflect the times and situations in which I find myself, that to me is my duty…” – Nina Simone

Jakia is an emerging multi-disciplinary visual artist, whose work is intention-centered, exploring introspection through art, clothing design (upcycling), multi-media projects, storytelling, curated conversations, and installations.

Jakia views her process as a coloring book, creating outlines and boundaries, where the intention colors the space. Regardless of the medium, it is about providing space and a moment of reflection for people and to sit with what comes up from what they have experienced. It is not about right or wrong, but about becoming familiar with ourselves, our thought process, in order to continue developing a relationship with ourselves.

She believes that it is not for her to tell others what the work means or to dictate your interaction with it. Decide for yourself what it means to you. Do not rely on external forces to influence your thinking but turn inward. Trust your gut! We are not all meant to experience everything the same way, and that is okay. She shares her reflections and perspective in hopes to spark your own.

She is the Founder and Creative Director of Remnant Design Co, a conscious lifestyle brand, that allows you to experience adventure both online and in-person through five distinct areas.

At A Glance

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Multi-media Projects
Clothing Design
Inside the Pages of My Sketchbook
Landscape Photography
Ramblings by CoCo & Kia


Fashion Shows


  • Dysonna Theatrical Art and Fashion Awards Show | Impressions of Love
Digital Publications



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