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Black In…

2019 – Present

A curated multimedia project, where we are expanding and diversifying the narrative of success within the African Diaspora, through conversations with individuals from various disciplines and backgrounds and how their definition of success has impacted their journey.

Why Are You Wearing?

2016 – 2019

WAYW, Is an introspective multimedia project that delves into the minds of everyday people about why they wear what they wear. We often like to think that we don’t care much about clothing and fashion or how we dress, but there’s a rhyme to reason as to why we dress the way that we do. There’s an emphasis on “everyday people” because in today’s world there is a central focus on being famous and or receive a lot of attention to be validated and to matter.

The goal is to initiate a relationship with ourselves, in how we present ourselves to the world. Showing that there is much thought and consideration put into how we present ourselves, in terms of appearance.


2021 – Present

An ongoing collection of short pieces, based off of everyday conversations and happenstance.

Tidbits of Encouragement

a photo and audio based project, offering you tidbits of encouragement, to help you get through your everyday with a hint of natural beauty, inspiration and introspection.

By no means is this project meant to replace professional services for mental health.

*Currently updating location

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