Remnant Design Co

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Remnant | noun rem·nant \ ˈrem-nənt \ | Something left over; a remainder

Remnant Design Co (Remnant) is a conscious multifaceted space, divided into five spaces that brings you into an adventure of self-discovery; Design, iS, Co., Remnant Publications, and …(Ellipsis).

Why adventure?

To me, it equates to fun, new, exciting, and discovery! And we live in a world where being overworked, grinding and hustling, and being busy is celebrated. But having fun in one’s everyday life is looked down upon and or discouraged. My hope with Remnant is to have people find out what adventure means to them and how does it show up in their lives. Does it show up in how you dress? Decorate your space? Experiences? Self-discovery? Learning?

Core Values

Conscious Consumption
Showcasing Creatives of Color

Remnant Design is a conscious lifestyle brand that offers products in clothing, accessories, skincare, beauty, shoes, furniture, stationery and home décor, made by creatives (designers, artists, makers, crafters) of color.

iS (Interactive Space), an interactive space that features contemplation zones, art installations, performance art, exhibits, Poetry readings, and hosting intimate concerts, from local and traveling artists.

Co (Community), is a space for community, to meet, take classes, attend creative talks, panel discussions, participate in clothing swaps, book signings, reserve space for events, socialize, and learn in a safe and welcoming space.

Remnant Publications is a digital publication with a focus on local happenings, interviews with artists and creatives and is also the home of the following projects, Why Are You Wearing and Black In.

… (Ellipsis), a café that serves tea, tisanes, coffee, juices, desserts, and pastries. Serving as a place for the community to work, meet, socialize, relax, and read. In this space, there is a collective library, and magazines, books, and other publications that are available for purchase.

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