Alphonso Jordan | Product Designer, Hue Collective Co-Founder, Entrepreneur

Alphonso Jordan, Product Designer, Hue Collective Co-Founder, Entrepreneur Cicada’s singing, airplanes overhead, whistling trains and the distant conversations of fellow Hue Design Summit attendees, create the perfect background noise and ambiance for our conversation, about what success means to him and its impact, embracing himself authentically, and the impactful work he does. Definition of SuccessContinue reading “Alphonso Jordan | Product Designer, Hue Collective Co-Founder, Entrepreneur”

The Hue Collective

Founders, The Hue Collective Randall Wilson, Alphonso Jordan, and Tiffany Ricks * from left to right* [Full Feature] As the third Hue Design Summit comes to a close, the sounds of heartfelt goodbyes and hugs to one another and our temporary home, with cars passing by fills the air, as we sit down to learnContinue reading “The Hue Collective”