Hope, 2021 | 18in x 24in | Color Pencil, Graphite Pencil Hope, 2021 | 18in x 24in | Color Pencil, Graphite Pencil Hope, 2021 | 18in x 24in | Color Pencil, Graphite Pencil

The Mourning Of A Pillar

The Mourning Of A Pillar – Blue , 2021 | 14in x 17in | Pastel The Mourning Of A Pillar – Green, 2021 | 14in x 17in | Pastel The Mourning Of A Pillar – Red-Orange, 2021 | 14in x 17in | Pastel

BTS | A Day In The Life of a Cactus

About a month ago, I had the urge to draw cacti. I guess that comes with the territory when living in the desert. With that being said, I’m now exploring botanical illustrations, somewhere along the lines of realistic with tinge of fun. I hope to create prints, pins, embroidery patches and stationery from these illustrations.…


I showered yesterday because I was itchyNot dirty,itchy.Then I remembered that it was spring and that I’m allergic to what is present in the air.Then I remembered that before menstruating, my scalp becomes uncontrollably itchy.It may be the hormones…Maybe I did shower because I thought I was dirty.Or was it the season?Or perhaps the hormones?Or…

Dreaming of You

Silence fills the space,the atmosphere and decor is warm, soft yet vibrant.A fancy hotel, red carpets,a grand staircase,chandeliers,marble…Then there’s us, giggling, full of mischief,enjoying one another company.I haven’t seen you in so long.Even though I could not make our your face, I knew it was you.We ate all the sweets we shouldn’t have, not paying…

BTS | A Black Woman’s Tears

About | As a young black woman living in the United States, experiencing how the various systems and infrastructures of oppression, everything from education to employment, to interactions with individuals and personal relationships have contributed to the personal emotional blockage of black women. Where we often keep a lot of our experiences and feelings of…

BTS | Colours – Vibe Portraiture

Colours It started off as a strong need to create abstract landscapes and use 6B graphite pencil, exploring tints and shades within the pencil, going from hard to soft, etc. And then I wanted to do color, bright colors, free-forming it. Once the first piece was complete I realized that it reminded me of someone,…

Fear & Doubt

Never been…kissedembraced romanticallyfound attractiveshown interest in Feelings consistently unreturned Why? Impatiently waiting… Patiently waiting… Maybe it’ll never happen Impatiently waiting… Patiently waiting… Defeated self-acceptance


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