BTS | A Black Woman’s Tears

About | As a young black woman living in the United States, experiencing how the various systems and infrastructures of oppression, everything from education to employment, to interactions with individuals and personal relationships have contributed to the personal emotional blockage of black women. Where we often keep a lot of our experiences and feelings ofContinue reading “BTS | A Black Woman’s Tears”

Fear & Doubt

Never been…kissedembraced romanticallyfound attractiveshown interest in Feelings consistently unreturned Why? Impatiently waiting… Patiently waiting… Maybe it’ll never happen Impatiently waiting… Patiently waiting… Defeated self-acceptance


I was interested, but unsure if you felt the same. A bread and coffee shop served as our mutual domain. Our interactions resembled the fare served there. Light and buttery.Deep, dark, and robust.Sweet and sharp.Stickiness that tickled the fancy… Unlike the weather, our growing interactions never waned But when you said my name and askedContinue reading “Croissant”

Descriptive Prowess

I still don’t know if you’re serious or if it’s an ongoing inside joke that you have with yourself. I can hear the chuckle and smug smile that paints your face, before it begins. ‘what are you eating?’‘food’‘what are you wearing?’‘clothes’‘your descriptive prowess is remarkable. I mean it’s truly extraordinary, the way use the EnglishContinue reading “Descriptive Prowess”


It was a dark, clear and quiet night. We were still new to each other, maybe that’s what prompted my willingness to get into your car. I suppose I didn’t want our night to end. You didn’t either, which is why you whisked me away. Unsure of how to spend our extended time together, weContinue reading “Suggestions”


Until that day, I didn’t know that there was an art to apologies. It’s a phrase that spoken about in movies, television shows and songs, but never in real life. Looking back now, I can’t even remember what I was sorry for, but it was important to me. I was passionate, most of our argumentsContinue reading “Apologies”

New Lips

Rambling, I do that often. I wonder if it’s like white noise to you, as you drive us through the forest, with trees, as you would describe, that kiss the sky. Rambling, ‘I’m afraid of feathers.’ I say. ‘I just can’t. They creep me out’, as if that utterance disrupted the white noise. ‘Why? WhatContinue reading “New Lips”


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