WAYW | Why Are You Wearing?

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An introspective multimedia project where everyday people share in conversation why they wear what they wear.

There’s an emphasis on “everyday people” because in today’s world there is a central focus on being famous and or receive a lot of attention to be validated and to matter.  I’m interviewing individuals who appear confident and appear comfortable in what they are wearing and not discomfort.  I ask them to describe what it is that they are wearing, from the top of their head to their feet and why. I take a photograph of they are wearing or ask them to provide a photo that they believe is a good representation of how they dress. In doing so, they go into more depth about their likes, preferences, and dislikes, how they pick clothing, etc.

WAYW Celebrates everyone’s style
WAYW encourages people to be confident in how they show up in the world.
WAYW is about conscious consumerism, cultivating a relationship with one’s current wardrobe.

WAYW Conversations |







Pauly | On Trends
Pauly | Dine
Pauly | Cultural Appropriation
Pauly | Moccasins



Edgar | Identity
Edgar | Wardrobe Curation
Edgar | Personal Style
Edgar | Clothing Limitations



Jason | Crocs
Jason | Embracing My Curls
Jason | On Socks
Jason | On Being Intentional
Jason | Personal Style
Jason | Shopping Deciding Factors
Jason | Thoughts on Menswear Landscape
Jason | Thoughts on Tommy Hilfiger
Jason | On Who Inspired His Style

Project Takeaways |

I learned how to have a conversation with people about why they wore what they wore, what they think about when it comes to getting dressed, how they feel in it, what they look for when procuring new pieces and much more. I will definitely make sure to continue to have these types of conversations with others as I continue onward.

What’s Next for WAYW |

To continue speaking with people about why they wear what they wear. Create collage style profiles.

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