Black In…

Expanding and diversifying the narrative of success within the Diaspora.

From witnessing many individuals in the African-American and Black community provide multiple tools, resources, jobs, and spaces for our community, we wanted to know how they came into these positions where they were able to do so. What motivates them? Advice for the next generation and those interested in similar paths.

By having open and honest conversations, creating transparency, with our community about their journey, how they came to be where they are today, the trials and tribulations they faced, and advice, we believe that it will help bridge the inter-generational communication gap.

To preserve and share the stories entrusted with us, stories that may not have the opportunity to be heard, because who is to say what will and will not be included in history.

Main Features

A Word From Our Ancestors
André Leon Talley

Cicely Tyson

Conversations Across The Diaspora

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