Remnant Design Co

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Remnant | noun rem·nant \ ˈrem-nənt \ | Something left over; a remainder

Remnant Design Co.

Remnant Design Co (Remnant) is an interdisciplinary space, divided into five spaces that brings you into an adventure of self-discovery. Comprised of an ethical and sustainable design lifestyle brand, an interactive space,  tea & coffee shop, multimedia publication and community space. Creating an adventure experience, where the customer’s life has become an adventure and where they can stock up on supplies, inspiration, nourishment, and discovery.

Adventure serves as the backbone for Remnant Design Co. Ensuring that your every day has a little sense of adventure, even if your day to day is far from it.



Creating with intention

Creating for longevity

Creating one-of-a-kind

Creating with you

Creating for you

Clothing Design

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